8 May 2021 at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern / 6 PM UK

Transform Your Life

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With Dr Deborah Ekstrom

Discover The hidden Secrets Practiced by All who Grow Wealthy…

The secrets that are critical to your prosperity….

You can use these secrets to grow rich in every area of your life, but this time around, we will be focusing particularly on money.

Now, money is not even the most important kind of wealth, but it is the most confounding and emotional laden for most people filled with anxiety, set-backs, disappointments and worry.

While money wealth is often the most challenging, learning the secrets to bring money wealth into your life is also the most rewarding. Plus good, actionable, comprehensive training and coming at it from the right direction is, in reality, pretty hard to find and hard to separate out from all the noise.

Take the first step… join me for a FREE visioning workshop. Explore the hidden secrets that bring wealth into reality.

Stop wishing, and start manifesting. I believe in you. Why? Because Money Loves Women!

Remember, your wealth enriches the world.

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8 May 2021 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern / 6 PM UK